Why Not!

Mail AttachmentrYes, once again, I am enthralled when I see illustrations of  hidden talents. Which by the way, we all have.  Which by the way, we don’t always identify as talents, as we just take them for granted as something that is just a part of us and the way we do our lives.

In a serendipitous email…which I’m glad I opened…I received a note about an older gentleman, Albert Torney, now many years deceased, who was thought to be a little eccentric. At public functions, he used to collect cans and bottles. He sold the bottles but not the cans.  Upon his passing, his collection of finely crafted trucks was discovered, three of which I have attached for your enjoyment.


Mail Attachmenta

My questions to those of you who happen upon this post are:

~~What are the talents you take for granted and just do because that is who you are?

~~What are your “eccentricities” and skill sets,  heretofore kept to yourself, which could very well morph into an income stream, or a more visible sharing with others, especially young people needing an outlet?

~~Whom will you invite to help you name them?Mail Attachment a

~~Whom will you invite to help you use them, or share them in different ways?

Mr. Torney loved his creations. What do you love?

Why not start planning to do more of it right now?