Final Post May 1, 2015: It’s time to move on..

My previous blog post was January 2, 2015, a lapse of four months.  That’s telling me something.  I notice that inspiration has lagged and it’s now May 1st.  After five years of occasional blogging about “doing what you love,” from all kinds of angles, and loving every minute of it, it’s time to “downsize”  and focus. The Why Not Do What You Love blog, one of 3, will close. As of today.  And the posts will remain, archived right here, on this site, for your reading pleasure.

This is not a bad thing.  My life is changing as are my perspectives.  As a 75-year old person well ensconced in my third chapter of life, I’m very aware that “doing what one loves” will always remain a critical pursuit for me and for those of any age.  I notice how much my book has mattered to reflective people and how much I enjoy sharing it.   However, for those of us who are older, it is not the whole story.   I find myself needing to write more and share more about the larger story of life in the slower lane of my “third chapter” entering elder hood… my current journey and emerging focus.

Ultimately, there may be a new website, perhaps a new book, and certainly a new conversation to share with others about our needs to explore how we continue to live fully, and age powerfully, and prepare to die peacefully during this, our “third chapter” of life.   

It’s also been interesting to note that the dynamics of personal change and reorganization are touching other areas in my life.  Like the urge to clean out my closets and file drawers, so compelling that I actually tackled it today. The continuing urge to review and cull old computer files.  And we’re 90% done.

Not knowing exactly what’s coming is not something I fear.  This meantime space feels quite delicious and welcoming.  Suzanne Braun Levine coined a perfect phrase–the “fertile void.”

So….while I’m at it, I’ll offer you two questions for your consideration:

Is there something that is ending, or needs to end, in your life?

Trust your gut, and let it go…  new things only arrive when there is space for them.

And, to what is it that you you are now free to give yourself?

As an update to readers, I will continue posting my blog reflections on third chapter living on the renovated, and in my Martha’s Musing bi-monthly newsletter.  To learn about and purchase my books, go to

Keep doing more of what you love, and,

Thank you for your company over these past years.

Stay in touch.