Are you ready to get moving?

If you answer this question, “yes”, that’s a start!  But what happens next? If your burning desire to make a change in your life is something that overwhelms you repeatedly, with confusion and frustration, I have a suggestion. Experiment with the notion that “movement creates momentum.”

Start with something you can do right now. Perhaps a baby step.  Perhaps two.  These might be: 1) Sit down look at your day or your week. During what times and what activities did you find yourself doing what you really love?  2) Then, think about your next week:  Where can you build in some more times to do what you really enjoy doing? 

And do it.

The journey to change starts with your being willing to do some things differently.  Yes, there are excuses, tons of them.  I don’t have time.  That stupid process can’t change my life. The kids are driving me nuts. I’m too busy.  But there is one reason to start somewhere: Because you can.

The benefits of a little self-generated movement towards doing more of what you love in your life, might surprise you.  Feel free to register any reactions to this little experiment below.

Allow age to deepen the questions

Everyone can have a more satisfying life if they both allow themselves, and are willing to pursue, doing more of Johnson-0236-1 copy 2what they love.  That’s what I believe.  And so, coming out of a period of illness in 2009, at 69, I started writing, first for myself, about what I hoped to make true for the rest of my life.  It turned out to be a book:  Why Not Do What You Love?  And then four years of blogs posts. Over the years since publication, this book seems to have appealed to people of all ages.  It is grounded in three simple (actually not so simple) questions and lots of anecdotes and processes for engaging with them:

With what gifts do I wish to express myself in work and life?

Why might I be unwilling to take that step?

What do I need to do actually manifest the result I want?

Now,  there’s a new phenomenon to consider.  My own perspectives are shifting. As a now 74-year old life-journey-author, I note that the folks coming to my local classes  tend to be over 55, a few wayyy over.  While the basic premise and key questions in the book remain the same, age is deepening the exploration. Continue reading

Climbing for fun anyone?

The YMCA is one of the places  I find passionate folks of all stripes. It’s where I get my kicks chatting with people excited about their causes, their hobbies or their jobs.   Today it was Pat.

Crossing paths with him at the gym over the years, I’ve known that he and a few buddies, all now in their late 50’s, have trained for major annual trips climbing significant mountains.  I’ve seen him light up whenever he mentions his trips, his training, even his necessary recoveries from injury to be ready for the next one.

What I learned today is that his mountain climbing is more than a hobby, it’s part of a formidable life goal. Continue reading