Final Post May 1, 2015: It’s time to move on..

My previous blog post was January 2, 2015, a lapse of four months.  That’s telling me something.  I notice that inspiration has lagged and it’s now May 1st.  After five years of occasional blogging about “doing what you love,” from all kinds of angles, and loving every minute of it, it’s time to “downsize”  and focus. The Why Not Do What You Love blog, one of 3, will close. As of today.  And the posts will remain, archived right here, on this site, for your reading pleasure. Continue reading

Let death focus life

Johnson-0236-1 copy 2I’ve just discovered one more reason to do what we love in life.  And that is to not regret that we didn’t.

Bronnie Ware, a former hospice nurse, made this case for me very profoundly in her 2012 book, The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.  After many years of tending to people in their last days and months of life, the regret she heard most often was:   ” I wish I’d had the courage to lead a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

And so, despite the fact that I have done what I love and what mattered to me for most of my life, I find myself taking the opportunity to scrutinize my journey yet one more time. I’m asking: Continue reading

What is living fully?

CIMG0855It seems to me that our title question provides one more avenue with which  to explore our lives.  How we define “living fully” for ourselves, may help us  answer the related questions:  How do I want to live?  What really matters to me?  How can I…duh…do more of what I love?

A friend of mine was paying attention the other day when, on a return trip from Rhode Island to Vermont, she chose not to take her tried and true shortest drive time between two points–Interstate Highway 91.  On a whim, she chose to meander north on the secondary highways through central Massachusetts and view the scenery and give herself a treat.  Yes, it took longer.  And yes, she was refreshed. And yes, she noted in retrospect, “that was a couple of hours when I found myself ‘living fully’–and I never labeled it as such!”

Such hours and activities and serendipitous surprises have all kinds of ways of sneaking up on us.  It’s good to pay attention to the choices we make, and how alive they make us feel.   When we pay attention to what nourishes us, we’ll likely be able to choose to do more of it.

I’m coming to learn that the beginning of wisdom about life is putting the right name to things.

When is it that you find yourself “living fully?”