Welcome to my very first Blog Post.

You know, I feel good inaugurating this “new” endeavor! Years ago, when first in business for myself, before the Internet (remember I’m 70), I wrote an occasional print newsletter and sent it out to clients and friends. I loved capturing ideas, thoughts and feelings that would inspire people to reflect on how they could be more effective in life.

Since I’m at an age where I find myself going to memory lane more and more, and enjoying the journey, I pulled out one of those early newsletters. Things haven’t changed much. I’m realizing that this is not actually such a “new” endeavor. In the January 1989 issue I’m inviting people to take the new energy that always surrounds the New Year and to take themselves lightly and do more of what they really want to do. Twenty-one years later, in January 2010, it’s not a newsletter, but a book and a website that make the same exhortation in a different way, Why NOT do what you love!

As I invite you to make your own “life calling” explorations, Continue reading