Why Not!

Mail AttachmentrYes, once again, I am enthralled when I see illustrations of  hidden talents. Which by the way, we all have.  Which by the way, we don’t always identify as talents, as we just take them for granted as something that is just a part of us and the way we do our lives.

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A new year–a new opportunity

CIMG0700 plateAs I sit here in reflection on New Year’s Eve, doing what I love to do at this sacred time between the old and the new, I want to wish you the fulfillment of your wishes in 2014.

May you have a Happy New Year,every single day of this 2014.  To make that possible, I provide a few reminders to myself and all readers who happen upon this blog.

Happiness is a choice.

Enjoying what you do is a choice.

Finding more ways to enjoy what you do is a choice.

The world is hungry for your gifts.

Remember, it’s a journey

Getting to do what you love is an intention, an experiment, an act of courage, a starting somewhere, and most of all, a continual sorting out of what’s important to you.  With most folks, it’s a journey.  It’s most often a journey of continuing to ponder what matters most, to you, and to those you wish to serve. And, what you want to do about it once you discover that in yourself.  It’s a journey of evaluating risk, confronting the status quo, making sacrifices, and courageously taking a stand for the life of which you want to be proud.

I offer that making the distinction between being “successful” and being “significant” is one of those conscious choices that may also enrich your journey.

“Significance is a higher state of happiness and fulfillment beyond the merely successful.

Attaining significance means becoming aware of your purpose, and, working hard to bring that out in the world.”

from The Art of Significance, by Dan Clark

(Summary by Joe McGonigal available at Actionable Books)