The organizers among us

People who love what they do are people I want to be around.  I enjoy meeting them, reading about them, and occasionally inviting them to lend their skills to address my needs.  Creativity, patience, practical hints, from years of playing with, learning, and practicing their crafts, just flow from their pores.

Obviously, those who practice their craft as a business would like the rest of us to benefit from what they’ve already mastered and do easily.   They’re available to help us with the basics of life through their blogs and books and services on any number of issues, whether it be uncluttering the home, getting thin and fit, learning to cook healthy meals, mastering our computer and on and on.   But since we love our own “thing”, and tend to spend time with what satisfies and nourishes us and flows from our own pores,  it may take a while for us to bite the bullet and ask for help for the things in our lives which we avoid and which for too long have resided on our “To Do Someday” List.

That’s me. The tasks I don’t love to do have taken a back seat for far too long and are starting to annoy me.   I clearly need some help in the home decluttering arena…from someone who finds it easy and fun.  The best I’ve been willing to do so far is to read, and enjoy, and be encouraged by the blog of a Vermont business woman as I face few of my more tedious tasks.  That’s a start.

school-clip-art-free-valentine-clip-artI thought you’d enjoy her very persuasive 2014 Valentine love note to all her subscribers.

After all, part of going for the new that you love, involves also letting go of the old that you don’t!!

The Harmonica Man

“Start somewhere!” is one of the mantras of advice  (Chapter 20) for those who want to do more of what they love in life.   The internet, courtesy of friends sharing, delivers up the most inspirational examples to my inbox, as occasional delightful surprises. Sometimes we need the real life reminders that most anything you love to do can expand into a contribution that enriches others, or spark a new livelihood, or be the key to sustaining your own health and well being.

Start somewhere, and just do what you’ve always wanted to do.


NOTE:  If you are encouraged to carve out some space and time to ponder what YOU care about, check out my upcoming 3-session program at Holyoke Community College, starting on February 25th.


What captures your imagination?

Sometimes it’s not so much what we “love”, that provides us the clues to what we want to do more of in life, but what captures our imagination? What enthralls us? What fascinates us?

At a recent 50-year reunion of folks with whom I had entered the Peace Corps back in 1963, I was surprised to find that one of my comrades had built a career specialty in science, most specifically planetary science, in the form of museum programs and school science programs.  That didn’t seem like the career I might have imagined for him.  So, admittedly incredulous, I asked, “How on earth did that come about?”   He knew exactly.  He said he got turned on by the sky  back in the Peace Corps days.

starsHaving grown up in New York City, with the many buildings, and night lights, he never noticed the expanse of sky, nor the stars, nor the planets until he reached  the “open space” of the small rural town in Colombia, South America in which he was assigned to work. There started his love affair with the celestial.

He was so fortunate to have been able to identify, develop and pursue that fascination, starting with his early studies.

I contend that it is never to late to notice…at whatever age…your fascinations. Whether they be new ones, or the old ones in which you can now give yourself permission to indulge.

Shoot for your own stars.  Give yourself the gift of noticing where, when, with what, and with whom you get excited!  Let that awareness be one of many clues in your search for how, where and with whom you want to spend your life time, or, your remaining years.