Final Post May 1, 2015: It’s time to move on..

My previous blog post was January 2, 2015, a lapse of four months.  That’s telling me something.  I notice that inspiration has lagged and it’s now May 1st.  After five years of occasional blogging about “doing what you love,” from all kinds of angles, and loving every minute of it, it’s time to “downsize”  and focus. The Why Not Do What You Love blog, one of 3, will close. As of today.  And the posts will remain, archived right here, on this site, for your reading pleasure. Continue reading

The years of excuses are over!

In the six years I’ve known him, Brent has been dedicated to physical training and wanted to do the work professionally.  At community college, he educated himself in nutrition and exercise science, but never finished his two year degree.  Excuses.  We talked frequently. I gave him a copy of Why Not Do What You Love? which he practically committed to memory.  Still there were the excuses, and the fear.

He needed a certification course, and money for a certification exam which he did not have.  He still had his dream, and his outwardly positive attitude,  but both were clouded with excuse after excuse. Stuck in hourly jobs not to his liking, he was nevertheless a responsible young man who partially satisfied his dream by regularly volunteering at the gym, helping people manage the exercise machines.  He was a role model in terms of physical discipline and helpfulness.  And yet, the excuses continued.

Until 2014, when he started moving. Found the money, took the course, passed the exam. Continue reading

Let death focus life

Johnson-0236-1 copy 2I’ve just discovered one more reason to do what we love in life.  And that is to not regret that we didn’t.

Bronnie Ware, a former hospice nurse, made this case for me very profoundly in her 2012 book, The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying.  After many years of tending to people in their last days and months of life, the regret she heard most often was:   ” I wish I’d had the courage to lead a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

And so, despite the fact that I have done what I love and what mattered to me for most of my life, I find myself taking the opportunity to scrutinize my journey yet one more time. I’m asking: Continue reading