Google it… and maintain common sense

Yes, I have a “google alert” set for the topic “do what you love”.  Just to keep track of the conversations happening in the media.

As I’ve noted before, many posts use a provocative title to presumably “debunk” the notion of doing what you love as a viable way to do one’s career. When reading the piece, I discover they are only issuing a “caveat.”    And the caveat they propose, is one with which I usually agree.

Common sense tells us that nothing is ever black and white. That goes for the advice to do what you love.  It never needs to be an  “all or nothing” endeavor.  Many people with different perspectives and needs are doing it their own way, having found satisfaction and  fulfillment, making unique contributions on their own terms.

Today, two articles showed up in my inbox worth sharing.  Good perspectives about passion and purpose which expand the conversation.

Enjoy them both.

Keep your love alive — as a part time gig

M+C+C+N 1This past weekend I visited my niece and her family in North Carolina.  Christy,  40+, with a PhD in something geologic, telecommutes to her full time job in Washington DC, has a forester husband, and children Caden and Nora, 10 and 7.  She is one of the many who have demanding lives, and, who also insist on nourishing themselves by spending some time doing what they love and what they must.

An artistic personality, and needing to keep that part of herself engaged, Christy knits “fruit” caps for small children, and creates fabric blossoms for women of any age.  Yours truly models below.

You can find her and hundreds of her compatriots offering their unique wares,  in an online storefront, Martha 1Etsy.  If you want to be delightedly overwhelmed, and inspired by, beautiful creations from all varieties of artists and craftspeople, check out Christy’s little Etsy shop and meander from there.

Doing what you love is alive and well among all of them–on a part time and a full time basis.

 What are your “loves” and how are you keeping them alive?


The baton has been passed

CIMG0855The weather was beautiful.  I was entranced with a little 1-year old peanut trying on a helmet and the kids having fun doing their best on the field.

And, hey,  I’m a nosy lady…in certain areas. When I see people, strangers mostly,  enthused about their work or volunteer activities,  I often walk up and start a conversation, “How come you are doing this?  With such fervor and commitment? And skill and passion?
CIMG0852Today it was the coach of my grandson’s little league baseball team, the 8-10 year olds.  I figured he was a former jock who couldn’t stay away .  Although he later admitted to being a jock in three sports, his immediate answer surprised me.  “I’m a Dad.  And my Dad did this for me.”

Just another illustration of how doing what you love ripples out wayyyy beyond you.  Enough said.