From the Author

Martha Johnson MEd.  Life Journey Guide

I’ve had a long life of doing what I’ve loved. As a Peace Corps volunteer, school teacher, National Park ranger, founding principal of my own consulting and training practice, and leader coach. For over 30 years, I trained and coached secretaries and salespeople, managers and leaders in the Washington, DC area.

My specialty, no matter the topic under consideration, is less the teaching of “how-tos” and more the posing of critical questions.  I listen to your answers and provide support as you explore, and honor, your own answers to the very questions that are highlighted in this book.  Because… your own wisdom is your very best resource for making sense of your life journey, past, present, and future.

Questions such as:

Where have you been…?   Where do you want to go …?  

• How do you want to  “be”…?  What’s the hesitation?

What’s your next move?

With clarity about where you’ve been, and what you want, and the willingness to grapple honestly with the perceived obstacles, everything in life becomes easier to accomplish. In addition, life becomes even more graceful when the answers to those questions are infused with passion, a good dose of courage, and enriched by natural talents.


I was 70 when I first wrote and self published this book in 2010.   The LATEST VERSION, with a new chapter, a new epilogue, more current resources, and many formats for e-book purchase, was accomplished in April 2017.  Here’s why I  care about this book:  

First, my passion for doing for what one loves and the delight and joy it brings to the doer as well as those around them.

Second, my belief that there is a way that every one of us can actually do more of it– either full time or part time;

Third, my love of, and long term success with, supporting, and cheering on those with the courage to do so.

Fourth, Given an unwelcome diagnosis of multiple sclerosis at 57, I could not work as usual.  I endured a forced time-out due to illness–where I had plenty of time to think.  I found myself  grappling seriously with a question I never, ever,  thought I would face, “How will I be useful on this earth with this new physical disability?”  Many of the folks mentioned in this book inspired me to keep going.

NOW, at 78, and after a younger sibling’s death, I am very aware that my own remaining years are numbered.  I want to live fully and die well.  As I attempt to live more consciously throughout the days that remain to me, there is much more to think about, including aging gracefully and dying peacefully. And making decisions 10 years too early, is better than one day too late.

To that end, I wish to support purpose driven, journey minded, courageous and reflective women, over 60,  who happen to be facing their futures with some temporary confusion, to craft a life that feels true to them.